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Sen. Kwankwaso is right – the police is bias in his conflict with Gov. Ganduje


Sen. Kwankwaso is right – the police is bias in his conflict with Gov. Ganduje

Former Kano Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso has said he is not backing down from his planned visit to Kano this week, and if anything goes wrong, the police commissioner, Rabiu Yusuf, should be held responsible.

The police in Kano is insisting that Kwankwaso should shelve his planned visit scheduled for January 30, 2018, due to security threats and tensions over the visits.

Addressing journalists yesterday in Kano, Kwankwaso (who spoke through the former secretary to the state government, Rabiu Bichi), accused the commissioner of Police was of being compromised, incompetent and openly partisan in favour of the governor.

Here are highlights of what the former governor said:

  • The role of the police is to protect life and property.
  • The commissioner of police is aware of the planned violence during the visit and is also aware of those who have made the threats of violence, so why is the police unable to act and neutralize the threats? Or are those issuing the threats above the law?
  • The Kwankwaso group has written several petitions to the police over open threats to his life by alleged government sponsored thugs.
  • At the core, the state governor does not want Kwankwaso to visit. Kwankwaso alleges that three people have been deployed to thwart the visit – the commissioner for Special duties Abdullahi Abbas (who was caught on video inciting supporters to stone Kwankwaso); commissioner of Water resources, Musa Illiasu Kwankwaso and the self-appointed campaigner for President Buhari, Abdulmajid Danbilki Commander to orchestrate the plans.
  • “On December 16, 2017 and 15/01/2018, Musa Iliasu Kwankwaso, was on air and publicly declared on Radio Express 90.3 FM and Radio FM Pyramid 103.5, that they will never allow the Senator to come and that he was giving notice that whichever day he chooses to come they will arrange a political programme to counter the visit.”
  • “In another choreographed pattern, the self-appointed Presidential Spokesperson Abdulmajid Danbilki Commander was on Radio Aminchi in Kano and FRCN Kaduna and publicly declared that Senator Kwankwaso will be arrested if he goes ahead with the visit.”
  • Also, Kwankwaso reportedly received a letter from CP Yusuf, advising him to shelve the Kano visit, “…in line with the threats made by the three spokespersons of the governor.”

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So knowing all of these, why is the police unable to act against all these commissioners and government officials making these public threats to life and property, and working hard to impinge on the right of others to peaceful assembly? That is the question the commissioner Yusuf needs to answer and as the Kwankwaso group has said the blame for any issues that may arise during the visit must fall squarely on the commissioner.

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