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The politics of 2019 and the case for a single term of six years


The politics of 2019 and the case for a single term of six years

by Chinyere Akataobi

In Nigerian politics two things are set in stone: elected politicians don’t resign and they don’t believe they should do only one term of four years.

We are just one year away from the general elections and politicians are currently in the thick forest of desperate politicking cutting out woods with which the polity will be cooked.

Governance is being replaced by mindless politicking, plans and programs not yet fully implemented will take the backseat while politicians would take center-stage trying to outdo each other in the unhealthy fight to almost death for electoral victory.

In the sycophantic fashion that is typical of the type of politics we practice here, several groups across the country are already on the neck of the president and governors urging them to run again in 2019 without carrying out proper assessment of their current performance.

On close observation, current actions and inactions of these elected executives are currently geared towards actualizing the dream of returning to power in 2019 and sadly most of these actions and inactions are not people-oriented.

These leaders are driven not just by their lust and greed for power and its obvious financial gains but also the combination of interests that put them there.

I have repeatedly watched with dismay as several promising governors and indeed the president get caught in the middle of re-election cycle politics.

These executives give up what is right for what is popular, political expediency is the game and drastic and sustainable measures which may seem unpopular are delayed in anticipation of a second term.

But then again what i just described above is a situation in which the executive even wants to serve the people and deliver the gains that true democracy is supposed to bring.

The reality of our situation is that our leaders are not for the people, their allegiance is to the godfathers and vested interests who put them in power.

The first four year term is spent oiling the machinery that put them in power as people don’t decide elections in this country {yet}.

When they get rewarded with a second term they set out to enrich themselves and go on an orgy of looting that would ensure stupendous wealth in their family for three generations.

For those with the presence of mind to create an enduring legacy, these remaining four years are hardly enough for policy formulation, implementation and monitoring.

Every sector of Nigeria needs holistic surgical reforms but continuous implementation of well-thought out policies from one administration to the next is not a culture we have imbibed as a nation.

The above stated points are the reasons why I would gladly support and urge that we re-start the conversation of a single six year term for our executives as we evolve further and deepen democratic principles in our nation.

It eliminates the trap of over-bearing god-fatherism, premature re-election cycle politics and the too little time that the current double four year tenure embodies.

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