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Gov Wike rejects amnesty granted by Gov Okorocha to members of Don Wanny’s group who killed 23 persons


Gov Wike rejects amnesty granted by Gov Okorocha to members of Don Wanny’s group who killed 23 persons

In a shocking move on Monday, the Imo Gov. Rochas Okorocha granted amnesty to several cultists who belonged to the cult group led by Don Wanny, the late mastermind of the New Year’s Day Omoku killings which led to 23 deaths.

Although Don Wanny has been killed by the Army, he did not act alone and several members of his group had been declared wanted by the Rivers state government. However, some of these people were granted amnesty by the Imo governor at a ceremony which took place at the Heroes Square in Owerri.

While receiving the cultists, Gov. Okorocha had said, “You could recall that three weeks ago the notorious kingpin Don Wanny was killed and most of these boys are his colleagues and generals in the bush. Today, we are gladdened that the lives of these boys have not been left in the hands of the Military and Police who would have wasted them but today they are been reintegrated into our society to become good citizens.”

Gov. Wike rejects amnesty

In a swift move, the Rivers governor Nyesom Wike said on Monday that the amnesty does not extend to his state as the government he heads still intends to bring the wanted cultists to justice. He had previously placed a bounty on the heads of the cultists.

“Just yesterday, the Governor of Imo State granted amnesty to the cultists we declared wanted. These are cultists of the Don Wanny gang who killed 23 persons on New Year Day. These are cultists who have been killing security agents. That amnesty offered by Governor Okorocha cannot cover Rivers State. These criminal cultists are still wanted for their crimes against Rivers State and her people,” he said.

He stated that it is wrong to introduce politics into security affairs because nobody knows what the outcome will be in future.

“There is no need playing politics with the security of lives and property. Before Governor Rochas Okorocha granted amnesty to those who killed our people, he did not deem it fit to call me. They should always weigh the implications of these actions to the security of the region. Whether you are in PDP or APC, there is no need to politicise security,” he said.

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