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3 things we heard from IBB’s meeting with PDP NWC


3 things we heard from IBB’s meeting with PDP NWC

Former Nigerian Head of State, General Ibrahim Babangida played host to the People’s Democratic Party National Working Committee led by the party chair, Prince Uche Secondus. IBB, who is also one of the chieftains of the party discussed the steps taken by the PDP and their prospects for the future.

Here are the things we heard from the meeting:

End Of The Imposition Era

IBB said that he was excited about the PDP’s new commitment to end imposition which was one of the often cited reasons for the party’s decline and eventual loss of federal power in 2015.

He said: “I am happy at your assurances that there will be no imposition in all your primary elections. It is all about choice and you have promised to provide the best choice.”

Secondus made it very clear in his remarks to the former military head of state: “PDP remains the only alternative platform based on our experience more so because we have learnt our lessons. We have resolved to play by the rules and operate within the confines of our party’s and the Nigerian constitution.”

PDP Has Not Let The Crisis Go To Waste

The PDP’s response to the killings and ethnic clashes in the middle belt and Zamfara has been strategic and IBB thinks it would give the party an electoral advantage.

His statement might be valid if the response by the APC led Federal Government is anything to go by. IBB said:

“You have also not abandoned the people in times of crisis. I monitored your activities in Benue, Taraba and you just said your party has sent members to Zamfara to commiserate with the people.  Surely you have made the people the centre of your return and they will not forget you because you were with them in time of sorrow.”

The New PDP Branding And Next Generation Targets

The PDP National Chairman disclosed that the opposition party is already undergoing “rebranding and repositioning” process. According to him the party is looking at the next generation for leadership and anchoring its return strategy on the women and youths.

“We are rebranding and repositioning to make our party open to all and regain the land for the people. We are determined to give opportunities to the youths and our women. We also want to mentor a new generation of young Nigerians that will take our nation to the next millennium,” Secondus said.

IBB endorsing the strategy commented: “Your ‘Reposition, Rebrand and Regain’ agenda is working and I mean particularly the rebranding. Some people believed that having been in government since 1999, the PDP will find opposition difficult but you are carrying on well and providing a better alternative.”

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