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Pastor Bakare forms his own political movement with a “three-point agenda”


Pastor Bakare forms his own political movement with a “three-point agenda”

It is the season of political movements and ambitions.

Joining a growing list of the Nigerian elite who have formed political movements in time for the 2019 elections is Lagos pastor and activist, Tunde Bakare. Bakare’s new movement is called the “New Nigeria Progressive Movement.”

Other Nigerians who have formed political movements in recent times are Obiageli Ezekwesili (Red Card Movement), Olisa Agbakoba (Nigeria Intervention Movement), and former President Olusegun Obasanjo (Coalition for Nigeria Movement).

Bakare who ran as vice presidential candidate to Muhammadu Buhari in 2011 under the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) platform, has since grown weary of the president’s leadership and now often denounces acts of the administration.

The restructuring agenda

According to Bakare, the three point agenda of his new movement is “restructuring, restructuring and restructuring.”

He said his new movement would champion the restructuring of Nigeria along the path of true federalism, accusing many of those presently touting restructuring as hypocritical.

“Even among those touting restructuring in their political agenda today, there is no visible concerted effort in the direction of long term commitment to fundamental reconceptualization and renegotiation of the Nigeria state. Thus, once the furor of election turns, whims and movement predictably lose momentum, Nigerians be once again will be faced with the daily realities of a nation that is restructured to fail,” he said.

He added that the new movement would liberate Nigerians and position the people to take back the country from the current ruling political class.

“Fellow Nigerians, I’m here to announce to you that the time has come for the true progressives to arise, say enough is enough to political hypnosis; it is time to take our country back.

“We are stepping in to shape the national conversation beyond elections and begin to lay the groundwork for the restructuring of this nation,” Bakare stated.

Bakare said, “We will be going to every nook and cranny with our agenda and message. We have only three points on our agenda, restructuring, restructuring and restructuring. Therefore, our Distinct Nationhood Agenda (DNA) is simple, it is RUN -Restructuring For United Nigeria – this is what I’m set to advance.

“I’m running and leading a movement called the New Nigeria Progressives Movement. We shall join forces with foreign countries, champion reintegration of diverse ethnic groups into true identity until every Nigeria is proud to say ‘I’m a Nigerian’ and also spearhead the orientation of every Nigerians until a minimum of fifty million Nigerians can say ‘NO’ to hypnotic democracy.”

He added that the Movement would strategically bring in competent people who would compete in the political circle of the country and lead the country in line with the restructuring agenda.

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