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“There may be a deliberate plot by security agencies to undermine Buhari” – Zamfara commissioner

Governor of Zamfara state, Abdulaziz Yari


“There may be a deliberate plot by security agencies to undermine Buhari” – Zamfara commissioner

A commissioner in Zamfara state, Ahmed Maradun, who heads the Commerce, Industries and Investment ministry, has placed the blame for the worsening security situation in the state on security agencies.

He said security agencies refuse to take orders from the state governor and accused the military of prioritising security in other states over that of Zamfara.

Speaking when members of the Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Security Infrastructure visited the Emir of Maradun, the commissioner said, “The Federal Government ordered these security agencies to protect the people. The governor, as the chief security officer, is also empowered to give them orders, but when they refuse to take such orders what should he do?”

It may be a deliberate plot to undermine Buhari

The commissioner claimed – without providing evidence – that the inability of security agencies to act may be a deliberate plot to undermine Pres. Buhari.

“There was a time the security agencies were told there would be an attack on one community but despite the tip off, none of them made attempts to counter that attack; so many people were killed.

“Also, you would have learnt that the President ordered the deployment of some of them. If you must know, they are just there and their presence is not felt. Whenever you give them information about an attack, they always reply that they have not received any order and cannot act. In fact, I think there may be a deliberate plot by these security agencies to undermine the powers of the President,” Maradun said.

Benue and Niger Delta get more priority

He said that he does not believe in claims by security agencies that they lack personnel and equipment.

“They talk about not having personnel and equipment, but they have enough to deploy in Benue State because they have the loudest voice; they have enough to deploy in the Niger Delta because there is oil there? I don’t believe in that.

“As far as I know, the state government is spending a lot on security. Then if you know you cannot guarantee the protection of life and property, why do you take our money and why do you continue to take it. Why do they take our money if they cannot do anything? I think they should return our money.”

Like several other states in the country, Zamfara state has suffered worsening insecurity in recent times. Last month armed bandits killed 150 persons in some villages in Shinkafi, Zurmi, Maradun and Maru local councils while 40 others were kidnapped and later released after the intervention of the government.

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