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Hon. Jibrin finally bowed, so the House of Reps has recalled him


Hon. Jibrin finally bowed, so the House of Reps has recalled him

After more than 17 months, the house of representatives has finally lifted the suspension on Kano lawmaker, Abdulmumin Jibrin.

But just as the House and its speaker Yakubu Dogara had always insisted, the lawmaker had to first apologise before the suspension was lifted.

Speaker Dogara stated during plenary on Tuesday that JIbrin apologized in a letter to his colleagues. However the speaker did not read the content of the letter.

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Jibrin was suspended in September 2016 after he spend a few months accusing the speaker and a few other principal officers of budget fraud and betrayal of trust. His accusations began after he was removed as chairman of the House Appropriations committee. He accused the principal officers of padding the budget.

In reaction to suspending him, Jibrin was barred from holding any position in the house for the duration of this assembly.

At the end of the 180 legislative days for which he was initially suspended, the House refused to recall Jibrin because he had remained defiant and refused to apologize. With the 2019 elections fast approaching, Jibrin has mellowed and with the apology it is unlikely that his hard-line position against the speaker, who he accused of corruption, will continue.

Speaking at plenary on Tuesday, House Speaker Dogara said that following the apology, Jibrin can resume “if he wishes”.

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