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No opposition party has won a chairmanship seat in any state since 2015 – until Kaduna


No opposition party has won a chairmanship seat in any state since 2015 – until Kaduna

It’s like magic.

  • Before last weekend’s local government elections in Kaduna state, 22 other states had conducted council polls since 2015. In all 22 elections, the ruling party in that state won every single chairmanship seat.
  • Of the 22 states where elections have held, 14 were APC controlled states and eight were PDP controlled states.
  • Five elections were conducted in 2016, 12 in 2017 and five in 2018.
  • No matter the state or the time, the ruling parties always emerged victorious.
  • States were elections have held include: Abia (PDP – December 2016), Adamawa (APC, August 2016), Akwa Ibom (PDP, December 2017), Benue (APC, June 2017), Delta (PDP, January 2018), Ebonyi (PDP, April 2017), Enugu (PDP, November 2017), Edo (APC, March 2018), Ekiti (PDP, December 2017), Gombe (PDP, February 2017) and Jigawa (APC, July 2017). Others are: Kano (APC, February 2018), Kebbi (APC, July 2017), Kwara (APC, November 2017), Lagos (APC, July 2017), Ogun (APC, October 2016), Osun (APC, January 2018), Oyo (APC, May 2018), Sokoto (APC, March 2016), Taraba (PDP, February 2017), Yobe (APC, February 2017) and Zamfara (APC, January 2016).

Many expected the trend to continue in Kaduna state. However, the Kaduna State Independent Electoral Commission under the leadership of Mrs. Saratu Dikko-Audu conducted an election last weekend which bucked the trend.

With the results announced so far, APC has won the chairmanship in 12 local councils while the PDP has won in five. Three results are still pending.

Trailblazing Kaduna

Kaduna’s election became the first ever in Nigeria to be conducted using electronic voting machines. The reform-minded governor of the state, Nasir Elrufai, who belongs to the ruling APC ensured the state government’s support for the innovation.

“We have made the most significant investment ever to promote electoral integrity and transparency in Nigeria,” El-rufai said. He has called for e-voting to be introduced at the national level, even though he said it may be too late to introduce it before the 2019 elections.

Among the benefits he listed are: a more transparent election devoid of ballot snatching, saved the state government about N1.7 billion which could have been used in printing ballot papers with security features, and it made the process of voting easier and quicker.

The results announced so far show that Kaduna has also blazed the trail in terms of competitiveness and lack of undue interference.

However, some opposition parties, including the PDP have said they intend to challenge the results of the polls.

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