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Oby Ezekwesili is going to run for president – here’s what we know


Oby Ezekwesili is going to run for president – here’s what we know

With just four months to the next general elections, a former vice president of the World Bank and former minister of education, Obiageli Ezekwesili, has decided to compete for the presidency.

She is yet to officially declare, but TheScoop has learnt that an announcement will be coming soon that will give details of her platform and her vision.

What we know

    • For almost a year, Ezekwesili has grown increasingly disillusioned and frustrated by what she considered to be the poor handling of the nation’s affairs by the current administration. But she strongly believed that the solution to the problem could not be found in the main opposition, Peoples Democratic Party. The entire premise of her #RedCardMovement has been that neither the PDP nor the APC is good for Nigeria.

  • Still, her calculation for a very long time was that her movement will join forces with third party candidates who have a resonating message, track record and integrity to challenge the current government and mount a winning campaign. Despite several interactions with a lot of the current crop of aspirants, especially at the presidential level, Ezekwesili and her movement were reportedly not satisfied with the field. And then she began to receive suggestions, including from a couple of new political parties, to run for the presidency herself.
  • In September, she began to seriously consider a run.  She became eager and excited to do it. That was when she tweeted these:

  • According to our sources, Ezekwesili only “finalized her decision in the past 10 days.” She is under no illusions about how hard it is going to be, especially considering how late she is joining the race. But she believes that it is possible and intends to run a serious, intensive campaign up until election day. Her choice of party platform would be announced in a couple of days.
  • Already, her method of engagement has slightly changed. On September 30th, for instance, a statement was released announcing that she intends to deliver “a special State of the Federation” address in response to President Buhari on Independence Day. It was accompanied by a presidential looking photo of Ezekwesili standing in front of a Nigerian flag. She said her October 1st response will be a “message of hope, and a clarion call on all…”
  • You can watch the video she released below (Notice how it began with the national anthem):
  • On Monday, in an Independence Day message, Senior Pastor of the Latter Rain Assembly, Tunde Bakare, preempted Ezekwesili by announcing that she intended to run for the presidency. “By the way, my sister, Oby is stepping into politics now, she is going to contest for the office of the president,” he said.

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