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Oshiomhole is the most hated person right now – why it matters


Oshiomhole is the most hated person right now – why it matters

Opposition supporters and neutrals spent some part of last week mocking the APC national chairman, Adams Oshiomhole, over a gaffe he made at a press conference where he said “for democracy to flourish, only people who can accept the pain of rigging, sorry, defeat should participate in an election.”

Within his party however, that’s the least of Oshiomhole’s battles. The chairman is coming under attack from several party stakeholders over the conduct of the various primaries into positions under his leadership. A number of APC chapters have now called for his resignation.

Why it matters

The APC has been thrown into a lot of confusion following the announcement of the mode of primaries to be conducted in various states. This has led to the postponement of dates in a number of states across the country as the state parties are usually at a loss as to the mode of conduct of the primaries or lack the necessary logistics to enable the process.

Another issue that has caused the party chair to clash with some of the party leaders at the state level is the preferential award of automatic tickets to aspirants within the party which means that their rivals were disqualified and denied the chance to compete.

These are some of the key states where aggrieved parties are calling for Oshiomole’s head:

Ondo: The APC in Ondo state has issued a 24 hour ultimatum demanding the resignation of the party chair. The aggrieved party stakeholders accused the party’s NWC of giving blanket tickets to Senators across the country in a direct violation of the APC constitution.

“There has been a high level of inconsistent standards applied across states of the federation,” said Tayo Alasoadura a serving senator representing the Ondo Central district who was disqualified by the party.

An automatic ticket was granted to Prof. Ajayi Borrofice representing the Northern district, a situation that the state governor Rotimi Akeredolu is displeased with.

Kaduna: Governor Nasir El-rufai of Kaduna is at loggerheads with Oshiomhole. The party NWC granted automatic ticket to Senator Shehu Sani from the Central district against the wishes of the governor who had a preferred candidate, Mr. Uba Sani, his former political adviser. A court judgement has been secured barring the party from conducting a primary to pick a candidate from the Central senatorial district.

FCT: Angry party youths in the FCT chapter invaded the national headquarters, attacking staff and security operatives who scampered for safety. The protesters rallied for indirect primaries and alleged that Oshiomhole was trying to impose his preferred candidates on the FCT chapter.

Bottom line: Oshiomhole is expectedly coming under a lot of attacks and there is more where it is coming from. Two governors are ready for a showdown and have already taken their case to President Buhari.

While it is true that losers in elections are usually aggrieved and hate accepting defeat, that view on its own is simplistic. The APC primary process has been shambolic. From violence to cancellations in some places to the non-uniform modes adopted in different states, the party seems to have botched the process. However they are helped by the fact that the situation isn’t much different in the camp of their main rivals, the PDP.

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