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Kano Gov. Ganduje was caught on camera allegedly receiving bribes – here is his response


Kano Gov. Ganduje was caught on camera allegedly receiving bribes – here is his response

The governor of Kano state, Abdullahi Ganduje, was secretly recorded in a video allegedly accepting large wads of dollar notes in what has been described as bribes. The video was published on YouTube by an online publication, Daily Nigerian.

TheScoop cannot independently verify whether the video is authentic or the circumstances surrounding it. But you can watch it below:

The Kano government response

The story first broke last week, even before the video was released. In response to the story, the Kano government released a denial through the state’s commissioner of information, youth and culture, Muhammad Garba.

According to the statement:

  • The claims are “malicious” and are being done with a “clear view to blackmail and extort the Governor.”
  • It is political: “Evidently, Kano being the stronghold of the APC and expected to produce the highest votes in the upcoming general elections is a target of campaign of calumny,” the statement claimed.
  • The video is cloned: “We wish to state that there is no iota of truth to these allegations and if indeed there is any such alleged video, it is at best cloned. More so, in this era of technological advancements, some evil minded people often take advantage to blackmail and extort and assassinate the character of people that do not ‘patronize them.'”  The statement further advised the general public to “be vigilant as we heard from good authority that many of such cloned videos involving highly placed persons considered as obstacle to the opposition agenda ahead of 2019 will be released in peace (sic) meal.”
  • Who offered the bribe?: “To further prove that the online media is bent on discrediting, blackmailing and assassinating the character of the Governor, the online media has yet to reveal the identity of the giver of the bribe, who is also suppose to be a culprit in the eye of the law.”
  • Legal action: “The government of Kano state is taking this matter seriously, and will exploit every appropriate and legal avenue to ensure that it gets to the root of the matter and the perpetrators are brought to book. We also call on the good people of Kano and particularly members of the APC to remain calm and always be law abiding.”

PS: The above statement by the Kano government was issued before the video was made public. It was in response to the news story. The Kano government is yet to react specifically to the video.

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