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Boko Haram kills ICRC aid worker in Nigeria – The Big Picture

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Boko Haram kills ICRC aid worker in Nigeria – The Big Picture

Boko Haram terrorists just executed Hauwa Liman, a medical humanitarian worker with the International Committee of the Red Cross today, according to news reports.

Back story:

Hauwa is the second ICRC staff among the three aid workers abducted on the 1st of March this year to have been executed by Boko Haram. She was executed in spite of several pleas for mercy by the ICRC, which received intelligence information that the group was about to execute their remaining staff in abduction. Other NGOs and inter-govermental organisations joined this appeal. The first person, Saifura Hussaini Ahmed Khorsa was executed in September and it means only Alice Loksha, the third abducted person is potentially alive. We cannot confirm this at this time.

FG’s response:

In a statement by the minister of information, Lai Mohammed, the federal government expressed shock and sadness over the killing.

“It is very unfortunate that it has come to this. Before and after the deadline issued by her abductors, the Federal Government did everything any responsible government should do to save the aid worker. As we have been doing since these young women were abducted, we kept the line of negotiations open all through. In all the negotiations, we acted in the best interest of the women and the country as a whole.”

The Big Picture:

The aid workers were abducted by the ISWAP faction of Boko Haram led by Abu Mus’ab al-Barnawi. This wing is generally beloved to be “better behaved” and ironically loved by the people who have embraced their leadership after his military subjugation of the Shekau wing. They were celebrated when they returned the abducted Dapchi girls, though it wasn’t known at that time that Leah Sharibu was still in captivity. Barnawi who authored a book rejecting the brutal killings of his brother, Abubakar Shekau, appears to have gone rogue or is no longer able to keep up with his charade.

There is no end in sight at it is. This might seem to be another pattern of hostage taking by the group which has reportedly profited from the business of abduction. Reports by the United Nations indicated that the ISWAP released the kidnapped Dapchi school girls to the Nigerian government “in exchange for a large ransom payment.”

Most experts believed ISWAP was holding the girls for ransom but this recent killing and detainment of Leah Sharibu, who has been reportedly sentenced to a lifetime of slavery significantly alters this dynamic. It is hard to tell for now or probably they are raising the stakes to get more from the government. Time would tell.

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