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Pres. Buhari’s WAEC saga ends as registrar produces his results

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Pres. Buhari’s WAEC saga ends as registrar produces his results

After four years of controversy over his missing West African School Certificate (WASC) Examination result, President Muhammadu Buhari, on Friday, received the attestation and confirmation of the 1961 result from the West African Examinations Council (WAEC). As a VIP, he got the document directly from the registrar of the Council, Dr. Uyi Uwadiae, who paid him a courtesy visit at the State House.

What he said: The president, who has consistently insisted that his results are with the military, hailed WAEC for upholding its integrity by bringing his results. He said it would have been impossible for him to attend the Defence Services Staff College, India (1973) and thereafter, United States Army War College, as a Nigerian military officer, if he didn’t sit for the WASC examinations in 1961. He said in his days in school, it was very difficult to commit examination fraud, even though it was not impossible.

What the WAEC boss said: Uwadiae told the president that it was possible for candidates to lose their examination certificates through fire and any other unfortunate incident.

”We don’t issue certificates twice but we can issue attestations or duplicate copy of the certificate. We also have what we refer to as confirmation; usually, universities were using this in those days when Information Technology was not in vogue,” he said.

”Whoever sat for WASC exams in whatever year, we have the records in our database, and Mr President, we have the records of the examinations you sat in 1961. We have the attestation of results which we issue to candidates who lost their certificates and confirmation of results,’’ he said.

And so: The WAEC saga ends at last. Wonder why this was not done four years ago or even before the president submitted details to INEC this time. Some Nigerians have already begun to speculate online that Pres. Buhari used his powers to prevail on WAEC. However there is no evidence of that. Now that the president has shown that he meets the minimum requirement to vie for president, it would be nice if he also ensures that he does not skip the election debates this time. That is not something good students do.

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