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Aisha Buhari is whining again – and it is boring


Aisha Buhari is whining again – and it is boring

Aisha Buhari, the wife of the president, is at it again. The first lady has earned a reputation as one who speaks her mind most often on things that affect her personally. Her latest outburst yesterday saw her accuse two unnamed men as the powerful individuals who have slowed things down in her husband’s government.

She was speaking at a National Women Leadership Summit organized by a political group, Project 4+4. She alleged that several people who should stand and fight against the two powerful men actually go at night to beg for favours, a situation which she says she finds disappointing.

Attempts by the political adviser to the president, Babafemi Ojodu, to refocus her did not work. “I have realised that Senator Babafemi Ojodu, Special Adviser, political, to the President, and Dr. Hajo Sani, and wife of the Vice President, Mrs. Osinbajo, are not comfortable with my saying this and want me to confine myself to my prepared speech but we must say the truth.”

What is the truth? The truth is that Aisha Buhari does not even understand the implications of her frequent outbursts. She is attempting to cast her husband as a victim of those around him, forgetting that he is the most powerful man in the country and the buck stops at his table. If two men are have become so powerful that they are hindering development, then her husband should remove them. If he doesn’t, it means he approves of their work, in which case she should channel her disappointment at him.

Besides, she may wish to recall that President Buhari has taken pride at being called ‘Baba-Go-Slow’ in the past. So perhaps the slow pace is actually the fault of someone closer to home.

This is not the first time Aisha Buhari has whined against people in her husband’s government. There was a time she even threatened that if things do not change, she would not support Pres. Buhari’s reelection. The fact that she is complaining means she does not think things have changed, yet she spent the rest of her speech at yesterday’s event asking women to vote for her husband.

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