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Atiku responds to CJN Onnoghen’s CCT trial

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Atiku responds to CJN Onnoghen’s CCT trial

PDP presidential candidate says he is suspicious of the sudden charges about to be filed against the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Walter Onnoghen.

Why? The PDP candidate says the reasons he is so worried about the case is because:

  • It comes so close to an election “in preparation of which the Buhari administration has shown growing desperation.”
  • The Buhari government is pressuring an independent and self governing arm of government with the aim of getting CJN Walter Onnoghen to resign or be pushed aside.

What Atiku would prefer: “If Justice Walter Onnoghen is guilty of the charges about to be preferred against him, let his guilt be determined by a competent court of law and not by the Buhari administration… Any attempt to force Justice Walter Onnoghen to vacate his office, 4 weeks to an election for which the unpopular Buhari administration has shown every intention to manipulate, is a move pregnant with negative meaning. I see no reason whatsoever for the ongoing pressure by the Buhari government to force Justice Walter Onnoghen to vacate office when he has not been convicted for any offence.”

He said President Buhari should respect the principle of separation of powers and abide by the rule of law on this matter and “stop any interference or pressure on Justice Walter Onnoghen or the judiciary and allow the law and the constitution take its full course.”

Bottomline: Atiku is right on this matter. CJN Onnoghen should not be forced out of office in the course of this trial because no matter how one looks at it, the politics of prosecuting a chief justice who the president was never keen to appoint in the first place looks fishy.

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