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Atiku tells women that they won’t belong to the other room in his government

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Atiku tells women that they won’t belong to the other room in his government

The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, has said that his government will not relegate women to the bedroom if elected.

Backstory: Atiku stated this at a women’s conference in Abuja while soliciting support for his candidacy. He once again promised that 35 percent of the appointments in his government will be given to women.

“Between youths and women, you have 70 percent of the government. This is to prepare you to take over governance, to take over this country and make it work again,” Atiku said.

Taking a jab at President Buhari who had previously said his wife belongs to the other toom, Atiku said, “This is your opportunity, you are not going to be put in the other room, I promise you because you have seen my wives here, they are not in the other room.”

The presidential candidate also stated that the most consistent voters in the Nigerian political process have been women. “I have practically seen it when we used to vote in queues, not through ballot papers. If I stand as a candidate and I turn my back to look at the lines that are supporting me, the women’s lines are always three times that of the men,” he said.

Atiku’s wives, Jamila, and Titi Abubakar were two out of several speakers who addressed women at the event encouraging women to come out en masse and vote for Atiku.

Bottom Line: The PDP is hoping that Pres. Buhari’s perceived lack of inclusiveness towards women will haunt him in the elections. The federal cabinet currently has just three women.

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