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Olarunji Dare: How those pro-Jonathan and those anti-Jonathan responded to “GEJ : No second term”


Olarunji Dare: How those pro-Jonathan and those anti-Jonathan responded to “GEJ : No second term”

By Olatunji Dare

My last column “GEJ:  No second term” (May 13, 2014) drew some 90 sms text responses, the third largest since I started writing At Home Abroad.

A casual textual analysis suggests that some of them were written by the same person under different names or no names at all. A friend in my line of business tells me that an army of retainers, funded by shadowy organisations fronting for the Presidency, is on permanent alert to manufacture responses to articles critical of that institution.

The responses break down roughly into 55 per cent for President Goodluck Jonathan, and his undeclared but undisguised second-term bid, and 45 per cent for the column’s position­ that he should not seek re-election.

What follows is a representative sample, edited where necessary for clarity and good taste.

I am not sure that the authors are who they say they are, and I do not wish to attribute to any person even inadvertently  a view he or she may not hold and may not have expressed.  So, I  have omitted the names.

The tenacious Lai Ashadele, who never lets a column in The NATION pass without comment even if the comment is often grounded on a complete misapprehension, will no doubt recognise his comment even without his name.  So will other correspondents represented in this selection,

For GEJ:

I am not surprised you must write what you write to be in the good book of Bola Tinubu your pay master. Jonathan will contest.  Please allow the voters decide who they want.

No 2nd term for JEG is your wish/personal opinion or that of your paymasters? I don’t know your faith but the Bible let me know that God is the maker of kings and rulers! Beware, you may be cursing one of God’s anointed! O God, forgive us all for we know not what we do, Amen.

Your comment is too abusive and aggressive. You need to respect that office . Security of a nation should not be left to the President alone. What of the governors, (local government) chairmen and individuals for information?  Even you journalists.  Let us be constructive and make positive suggestions.

As Jonathan is not qualified, you can declare your intent to contest in your party APC.  I have it on good authority that you are a heavy drinker so when you become APC President you can drink till day break.

Whether you and your paymasters the sponsors of Boko Haram like it or not, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan will win landslide in next year. If your paymasters like, let them turn Northern Nigeria to another Somalia.  By the way who is the APC presidential candidate or are you people planning to adopt President Jonathan? Well that should be your best move in order to avoid humiliation.

What you should do as a card carrying member of APC is to defect to PDP and vote against President Jonathan during d PDP primaries.

Who in Nigeria is unaware that Jonathan’s problems are brewed by people whom God taunted to declare their plans against him before his ascent to presidency? Even his most virulent foe is now opting to team up with him to quell a device he designed to frustrate Jonathan which backfired at him. Whoever plans to undo God’s deed calls for His wrath upon him. Such a one is in condemnation on earth and beyond. Shettima had an opportunity to save the Chibok girls when WAEC advised him to shift base of their examination to a safer haven. He never provided security as Chief Security Officer of the state. Steer clear of God’s wrath. Be fair in judgment.

I want to draw your attention to some facts about President Jonathan.  He rose from university lecturer to deputy governor to Vice President to Acting President to President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria. All these positions, almost effortlessly, when Zik, Awo, Abiola and other prominent Nigerians worked hard and even died to be the President of Nigeria.  God’s hand must be in this project – Jonathan.

Are you and other NATION newspaper columnists not tired of your vendetta against Jonathan? Jonathan will seek re-election and win by a landslide. He is doing well. You are not blind to transformation in the agric and power sectors, the massive airport, road and rail rehabilitation. Try to be objective.

It is quite a shame that people like you find yourself in chop-chop journalism. You leave out the main issue at stake in the country, and talk politics, shame to you and your sponsors.  You were once a good and respected journalist, but you have lost touch and respect of journalism.

You are a Yoruba man going by your name and an unrepentant member of APC.  Can you if made the President of Nigeria do better?  Let’s agree that your kinsman the former President Olusegun Obasanjo was the best thing that happened to Nigeria.  GEJ will at the appropriate time declare his interest. After all, God has always been on his side.

Even if you like, fill the whole pages of Tuesday in The NATION with flimsy and irrelevant reasons why Mr President shouldn’t contest for a second term, it makes no difference because no one cares for your opinion.  If he (president) is a Yoruba man will you publish that rubbish? You are a tribalist and the likes of you are not good for our great nation (Nigeria).

Is the presidency of this nation Nigeria the preserve of the Hausa’s and Yoruba’s only?

Against GEJ:

Bless you for today’s column “JEG: No second Term”. Regrettably the man has even stepped further into more infamy by ordering the arrest of anybody who protests his failure. Sometimes I wonder if he really earned the Ph.D. he parades. Most regrettably the PDP is Nigeria’s worst enemy but we don’t seem to be tired of this govt’s cluelessness. They think that governance is the same as mere grandstanding. A pity.

Your today’s article as usual is fantastic and I entirely agree with what you said.  Please continue the excellent work you are known for.

JEG should pack and go in 2015. All the religious, traditional leaders supporting him will be disgraced because of all evils perpetrated by this administration through corruption and bad leadership. Looking at JEG, one can see that he is unserious.

Do you know that you have spoken the heart of Nigerians?  Mr President has disappointed Nigerians. He should leave in 2015.

Your column is a scientific assessment of an inept, corrupt and visionless government that came on board by accident and I am afraid if the political mess foisted by a cabal will not also be uprooted by a bloody accident.  JEG is not prepared to quit.

For once you’ve abandoned satire for reality. And you are angry. Good. But what the SA told you, I had already shared with my officers that the man should go for councillorship or a junior pastor. Thank God for little mercies, you’ve seen the light but where did u get the name “FAKA” for the DAME? Keep angry, please.

Thank you for JEG: No second term. There is nothing anybody can add to what you have written. Indeed, Nigeria deserves much, much better.

I have never been afraid for Nigeria and Nigerians as in the last three weeks. We are saddled with a leader who seems not to have the strength nor words to bring out the best in us. I salute your courage for speaking the truth.

I have said it times without number that GEJ is not supposed to lead Nigeria.  Look at the mess he and PDP have put us into.  It is time Igbos take over the government and progress and peace will reign.

I have been following you for years. Just finished reading your article…No second term. Wish we all had your guts. Think seriously about seeking a public post. You will have my vote.

Hmm, where did you get the courage to write these truths! I dey fear for your life o!

Your article “JEG:  No second term” is reflective and blunt.  It is straight to the point and a masterpiece. Please expect visitors from Aso Rock and the PDP.

– This Best Outside Opinion was written by Olatunji Dare/Nation

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