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From “truth-teller” to “irritant”: Tinubu’s response to Obasanjo dripped with hypocrisy


From “truth-teller” to “irritant”: Tinubu’s response to Obasanjo dripped with hypocrisy

The former Governor of Lagos State and Co-Chair of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, said Obasanjo is projecting on to the APC the misconduct he would perpetrate if he was still in power

Backstory: In yet another response to Obasanjo’s letter, the former Lagos State governor fired back at Obasanjo, saying: “There is no election which occurred under Obasanjo’s watch or in which he participated that did not involve cheating on his part.”

Tinubu assured Nigerians that the forthcoming elections “will be a free and open exercise of the people’s right to choose their leaders.” He said Obasanjo’s comments stating otherwise were “fiery allegations” with no “corroborating evidence.”

“This is because Obasanjo is projecting onto the APC the misconduct he would wrought if still in power. Yet, the ways of Obasanjo are not those of the APC. And this difference has meant the better for Nigeria,” he said.

According to Tinubu, Obasanjo “tried to convert our young democracy into a one-party state. His PDP boasted that they would rule for 60 uninterrupted years. Never did they boast that they would govern us well during even one year of the sixty.”

Obasanjo wants control: “By hook, crook or utter fantasy, Obasanjo seeks to return to Aso Villa, not as an irritating, importuning guest but as a long-term resident. He wants to be back in control. If he cannot be president, then the president better carves from his office a special room for Obasanjo. Obasanjo thinks he is more than the greatest Nigerian. He thinks himself greater than Nigeria itself. Unless he is allowed to lead the procession, he will groan, grouse and grit.”

Tinubu’s hypocrisy: It is rich of Tinubu to be criticising Obasanjo now and recalling the former president’s supposed issues. In December 2013, when Tinubu’s APC were seeking to dethrone the Goodluck Jonathan government, he led other APC chieftains to visit Obasanjo and described Obasanjo as a “truth teller” and a “navigator” who had more information than anyone else.

“We are here because of your courage and salient points. Nobody can say he has information more than you,” Tinubu had said. “To realise a stable Nigeria, we want to encourage you to continue to speak the truth. We have resolved and determined to rescue Nigeria. We want you to be our navigator.”

Tinubu’s comments that day led popular columnist, Simon Kolawole, to conclude that the APC had “canonised” Obasanjo. Now that Obasanjo’s “truth” is no longer appealing to Tinubu, he’s now seeking to take back the sainthood they bestowed on him.

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