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“Even I might vote for Atiku”: NIP presidential candidate, Atuejide, endorses PDP ticket


“Even I might vote for Atiku”: NIP presidential candidate, Atuejide, endorses PDP ticket

The presidential candidate of the National Interest Party (NIP), Eunice Uche Atuejide, took to her Facebook page to declare support for the presidential and vice presidential candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Abubakar Atiku and Peter Obi.

Backstory: Atuejide expressed support for the PDP candidates after their appearance at a town hall meeting last week where they were grilled about their plans for the country if they emerge the winners of the forthcoming elections.

While Atuejide said she will not be stepping out of the presidential race, she declared her support for an Atiku/Obi ticket saying, “The Nigeria they promised us last night is the Nigeria of my dreams.”

She added that she believes both candidates “have a millionth more chance of getting”  into the presidency than she and “all the other alternative candidates have.”

Atuejide assured that she “will not step down from the race to the Presidency,” adding that all her supporters who won’t consider voting for Atiku and Obi should go ahead and vote for her.

While commending the duo, Atuejide said “For the first time in our electoral history, we actually have a formidable set of Nigerians vying TOGETHER for the Presidency. Men of relative integrity who are ready to sacrifice for us all.”

She also added that the duo beat all of the other alternative candidates packed together while expressing her excitement at how well Atiku discussed policy issues.

She said, “those who are undecided, or afraid to hurt or offend me, I tell you my loved ones I FREE YOU ALL bcos even I might vote #AtikuObi.”

Bottom Line: Hard to find anyone who takes Atuejide’s candidacy seriously, so her endorsement of Atiku while still being on the ballot is not likely to have much effect. But still, the PDP ticket will be happy with any form of endorsement they can get.

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