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“It is not until I go to Alausa that I can get money”: 4 quotes from Tinubu’s leaked audio


“It is not until I go to Alausa that I can get money”: 4 quotes from Tinubu’s leaked audio

National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, gathered some key party supporters at his Bourdillon home, where he promised to give them “good money” if they delivered votes for President Muhammadu Buhari’s reelection. This was contained in a leaked audio obtained from a source at the meeting by Thisday newspaper. The ScoopNG cannot independently verify the audio at this time.

Four key quotes from Tinubu’s leaked tape:

1. Pay-for-Votes: The former governor promised to pay the supporters if they vote for the APC candidate. He described it as “mobilization.”

“For all those who have come to Bourdillon, you know why we are here. We are here for mobilisation. You know what I mean by mobilisation. So, as registered APC members, you have to go and get your neighbours to come out and vote for the APC. It is after I have seen the favourable results of the elections that I will bring out good money.”

2. Money from Alausa not Aso Rock: The money would not be coming from Pres. Buhari, but from Alausa. Alausa refers to the seat of power in Lagos; it is where the governor’s office is located.

“Buhari does not have the money that I want to steal and he doesn’t have the money I want to take from him. Also, he does not have the war chest for this presidential election. Therefore, whatever I’m promising you is for real – and it is coming from my own pocket. It is not until I go to Alausa before I can get money to give you.”

3. Once again, he made it clear that for this election, it is no longer pay before service.

“Before now, party faithful would gather here around me like ants around sugar, asking for mobilisation. They always succeeded in getting something substantial from me with many of them from the same areas. That was then. This time it does not matter if your footwear wears out. Once you can deliver in this election, I am committed to give money that is substantial. We’ll never lack.”

4. About those Osogbo comments: Tinubu admitted that he actually made some controversial demeaning remarks when he was campaigning last September for the Osun APC candidate, who is now governor of the state, Gbenga Oyetola. He had previously denied that he made any such comments at the palace of the Ataoja of Osogbo, Jimoh Olanipekun.

“I was called names (after making a misguided statement in Osun State during its governorship poll). I made a misguided utterance but I got away with it. In Osun, they were grumbling that the governorship candidate in the last election was brought from Lagos; Aregbe (former Osun State Governor, Rauf Aregbesola) too was brought from there and now it’s (Adegboyega) Oyetola…they were complaining.

“So, when we trained your children; after training them they got the brain and experience. They’ve acquired the know-how. Will it be bad for them to return home to fix things that are broken? How much really is your (Osun people) money that I want to embezzle? You (Osun people) don’t have the kind of money that I have. Their king was there seated when I said so.

“I said: ‘You don’t have the kind of money that I have.’ If I’m going to change your (Osun people’s) money it will be coins.’ I never knew I was being recorded and that was how the video went viral. For that reason, I have to be guided in my speech right now in order to avoid saying a similar thing today.”

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