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PDP drags Buhari to court over “unconstitutional” ballot snatching directive


PDP drags Buhari to court over “unconstitutional” ballot snatching directive

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has filed a case against President Muhammadu Buhari and All Progressive Congress (APC) flag bearer, President Muhammadu Buhari based on a recent directive from the president on ballot snatching, which has sparked a major controversy.

Backstory: Following the directive from President Muhammadu Buhari which insinuated a shoot on sight tactic for ballot box snatchers, and the support of the military in terms of carrying out the order, the PDP has presented a case against the president in front of a High Court in Abuja.

The comment by the president at an APC caucus meeting on Monday has been described by many as a camouflaged directive to security officers, giving them the right to perform extra-judicial killings during the elections.

Describing the directive as a “direct call for jungle justice, attempt to divert public attention from the APC’s plot perfected elections rigging and political violence”, the PDP, approached the court five days after the president made the statement, to determine if it is constitutional or not.

The main opposition party also seeks to know if the president is right within his powers to deploy the military to participate in elections without National Assembly backing, and also if, the military is obligated to obey.

Support from Army and Party Members: President Buhari’s statement was however not without its supporters, with APC National Leader, Bola Tinubu, backing it and deeming it necessary.

The Nigerian Army, in reaction to the statement made it clear that it planned on going through with the order the president issued, shutting down counter opinions from the PDP.

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