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Ganduje says anyone doubting Buhari’s victory margin in Kano is ignorant and undemocratic


Ganduje says anyone doubting Buhari’s victory margin in Kano is ignorant and undemocratic

Kano state governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, has defended the votes secured by All Progressives Congress’ (APC) candidate and president elect, Muhammadu Buhari, despite allegations of malpractice and inflation of numbers. He described those doubting Buhari’s lead of over 1 million in the state as “ignorant” and “undemocratic”.

Backstory: Buhari received 1,464,768 votes from Kano while Atiku got 391,593 votes despite the large turnout at his campaign event in the state. Speaking after a visit to the villa where he met Buhari, the Kano governor said last Saturday’s result is evidence of what to expect at the governorship polls next month.

“If you have seen how the election was conducted, I think everybody will agree that INEC tried very well. Even though there was low turnout of voters because we were expecting to get much more than that, but the election was fair and free. Those who say we couldn’t have got that much are ignorant of the politics of Kano,” Ganduje told journalists. “We gave Mr. President the highest number votes, all the three senators are back, 24 House of Representatives’ members out of 24 have succeeded. What else are you expecting? That is the foundation.”

Inability to Deliver on Votes Promised: Prior to the elections, Ganduje had boasted that Kano will deliver 5 million votes for President Buhari, a statistical impossibility considering that the number of voters who have PVCs in the state is less than that number. Yet Ganduje said we should expect such a number in the governorship election in which he is standing for reelection. “I told you it is because of the low turnout of voters but I promise you next time…let’s look towards the governorship election,” he said.

Bottom Line: The figures from Kano is one of those that the PDP is sure to be contesting when it takes its case before the judiciary.

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