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Tinubu explains that he is not trying to “supplant or hide Gov. Ajimobi” in Oyo state


Tinubu explains that he is not trying to “supplant or hide Gov. Ajimobi” in Oyo state

Bola Tinubu, national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has said that his relationship with Abiola Ajimobi, the governor of Oyo state, is solid. Tinubu’s statement was a reaction to a report that he was making moves to ban Ajimobi from leading APC campaigns in Oyo.

However, the spokesperson for Tinubu, Tunde Rahman, has dispelled the report. He said Tinubu’s intervention in the state’s chapter of APC is to facilitate “genuine reconciliation and not to supplant the governor.” He said the report was an attempt to sow discord because the writer is angered by the APC’s success in the presidential election.

“By its unsubstantiated report, the medium seeks to set brother against brother. Asiwaju and Governor Ajimobi have been political brothers and allies for a long time. Governor Ajimobi has been an excellent governor and a faithful member of the APC. He has brought progress to the state and in serving two consecutive terms, Ajimobi made history in Oyo. He is instrumental to anything the APC can achieve in Oyo,” the statement added.

The statement claimed that Tinubu’s action is to bring “all together” in order to achieve success in the forthcoming governorship election.

Rahman said, “The truth is that Asiwaju is not trying to supplant or hide the governor, instead, Asiwaju is lending his support to the governor’s and APC’s efforts in the state. As such, he has held strategic meetings with some notable groups and important individuals. The heart of the discussions was the need for all to come together to achieve victory for APC in the March 9 governorship poll.”

“We want and need Governor Ajimobi to be a visible figure at the forefront of this campaign during these final decisive days. He will prove pivotal to our hope for victory in the state.

In addition to not having such a negative inclination, Asiwaju wields no such power and has no desire to have such power.

Asiwaju views Governor Ajimobi as highly disciplined and a committed and respected party leader, unlike some others who have no respect for party supremacy. The relationship between them remains solid and loyal.”

Bottom Line: Tinubu has recently launched an intervention in Oyo state following the loss of the APC in the presidential election in the state. It’s easy

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