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No longer tough?: Pres. Buhari says his second term will be prosperous

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No longer tough?: Pres. Buhari says his second term will be prosperous

President Muhammadu Buhari has said that his next four years as president will be peaceful and prosperous. This is coming just a week after he said his second term will even be tougher than the first.

While hosting leaders of the organized labor in the State House on Thursday, Buhari also said the next four years will be corruption-free. He insisted that his administration will remain focused on his campaign promises to fight corruption, grow the economy and fight insecurity.

“By the grace of God, the majority of Nigerians have given me another four years of continuity. We will remain focused on our promises, which remain security, economy and fighting corruption,” he said. “I want to assure you that the next four years will be peaceful, prosperous and corruption free. I, therefore, look forward to receiving your proposals so that together, we can achieve these goals. We cannot succeed without your cooperation. I appreciate the pressure you are under from your respective constituencies, most especially if you have to submit yourself for elections.”

He said to the representatives present, “You have to prove to your members that you are with them rather than with the government and we understand.”

He also thanked them for their “support and patriotism that you have shown during the presidential elections,” adding that “You and many Nigerians stepped in to help many Nigerians exercise their rights to vote. You intervened as patriots not for political, religious and tribal reasons. You stood in during a very difficult period for all of us.”

Bottom Line: “The next four years will be corruption-free.” Who knows what the president means by that?

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