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Prof. Sagay says Nigerians should thank Army and not annoy them over 2019 polls

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Prof. Sagay says Nigerians should thank Army and not annoy them over 2019 polls

The Chairman, Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption (PACAC), Pro. Itse Sagay has stated that the military’s involvement in the recently concluded general elections, particularly in Rivers state, saved many Nigerians from violence.

Backstory: Responding to a PDP spokesman, Buba Galadima who said that the Rivers elections were heavily militarized to favor Governor Nyesom Wike’s opposition, Sagay said the military “saved us from bloodshed.”

According to Prof. Sagay:

  • “What Galadima said is pure nonsense. Was it the military that was voting? The military didn’t stop anybody from going to vote. So what does he mean by militarization? I wish he could go to Rivers State to vote without the military, and see if he would come back alive.
  • “The military saved us from bloodshed, especially in Rivers and Akwa-Ibom where no election has ever been free. Rivers particularly, they always write results. In 2015, Governor Nysome Wike’s result was just written by hand.
  • “Let us be grateful to the military and thank them because if we annoy them and they withdraw, the bloodshed in our elections will cause a civil war. So, let Galadima stop talking nonsense, let him respect himself, withdraw from the public and just disappear.”

Reports of Heavy Militarization: Sagay’s comments contradict several reports made during and after the general elections in Rivers state and several other states across the country. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) had complained about military interference during the elections. PDP agents in the state and also observers from the European Union had also reported cases of suppression and interference by the military, an accusation the military itself has promised to look into.

Meanwhile, the PDP has accused the APC, former Gov. Rotimi Amaechi and Attorney-General Abubakar Malami of conspiring to prevail on the Supreme Court to annul the Rivers elections. Details HERE.

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