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Omotola displays the same viciousness as her attackers


Omotola displays the same viciousness as her attackers

Nigerian actress Omotola Ekeinde voiced her displeasure against the President Muhammadu Buhari administration, describing life in the country as “hellish”. She singled out two issues including:

  • One – the lack of money in circulation, and;
  • Two – the assault and extrajudicial killings of citizens by security operatives.

The shitstorm: Supporters of the administration expectedly took a swipe at Ms. Ekeinde, accusing her of wailing due to her restricted access to loose, corrupt cash.

  • Several other misogynists led by one Akinsola accused her of prostitution and said her alleged clients, pointing out “Senators” are unable to patronize her as a result of the administration’s anti-corruption campaign. Of course this view sharply divided many Nigerians, with many vehemently supporting one of the rival camps.

The problem: Ms. Ekeinde’s initial position is valid. Nigeria is facing a cash crunch and has incurred massive debt, spending as much as 60% of its revenue in debt servicing. There are almost weekly reports of the police and other paramilitary outfits assaulting or killing innocent citizens.

However, she dropped the ball while defending herself with one tweet. In the tweet below, she both managed to slander another woman and also downplay the severity of the issue of police brutality and barbarity.

In response to one of her attackers, Ms. Ekeinde said this: “My dear. Even when “Your” was open like a highway. I was never on that kind of journey. You love hardship? May it be as you want. I’m not against Sars by the way, I’m against lack of serious penalties against killer men in Uniform.”

One: Ms. Ekeinde slut shamed a fellow woman. In this tweet. She did what her accusers did to her and even more brazenly. She referred to the genitals of another woman, describing it as open as a “highway” and tried to exonerate herself from walking the path. Her unsubstantiated allegation is shameful. Even if it were true, shaming a woman for owning her own agency is distasteful and isn’t the kind of comment expected from the actress.

Two: She also tweeted that she is not “against SARS”. This is another problematic view. Most Nigerians agree that SARS has to be scrapped, even those in government. The evidence of the atrocities carried out by that group against innocent citizens breaks the heart. And in spite of several reorganisation attempts, the unit continues to perpetuate violence against civilians. Her advocacy for “penalties against killer men in uniform” is medicine after death. Nigerians are tired of losing their loved ones. #EndSARS.

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