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Buhari links insecurity to ‘past’ corruption and mismanagement in the military

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Buhari links insecurity to ‘past’ corruption and mismanagement in the military

President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday in Abuja blamed the continued insecurity in the country on the “ravaging effect of unchecked corruption in the past on the country’s Armed Forces.” For him, Nigeria is reaping the consequences of the “terrible” mismanagement.

What has been done: The president told members of the Northern Governors Forum, led by outgoing chairman, Kashim Shettima of Borno, that:

  • His government has “curbed much of the corruption that is there. See the recoveries that we have made – money, landed property.”
  • “We are not going as fast as we want under the system,” he admitted, “but we will keep trying to improve it.”

Quote: “The security of the country is on my mind 24 hours of the day. I get daily and weekly situation reports. I have listened to your brief. I will look into your recommendations. I am acutely aware of the situation, but I have learnt more today.”

In addition:

  • President Buhari promised to increase the frequency of his meetings with security chiefs and keep updating himself.
  • He also expressed interest in getting reports from governors who have difficult relationships with security heads in their States.

One strange thing: The governors made presentations to the president on challenges they faced, and they commended the FG for “curbing Boko Haram terrorism and farmers/herders clashes, which they said had been dealt with.”

  • Are these governors being serious? Or simply choosing to bury their heads in the sand? What exactly is the evidence that the farmers/herders clashes have been dealt with? Just two days ago in Ondo state, herdsmen visited the palace of a monarch who reported the incessant destruction of farmlands in his area to the police, and harassed him. It took the quick intervention of the state government to douse the tension as community members mobilised to confront the herdsmen.

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