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House of Reps adopts motion to revoke Buhari’s executive order on firearms

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House of Reps adopts motion to revoke Buhari’s executive order on firearms

The House of Representatives has adopted a motion to revoke an executive order to remove and ban all firearms certificates and licenses throughout Nigeria.

  • The House adopted the motion on Thursday during plenary. The majority in the House argued that taking away guns will expose citizens to dangers and deny them a chance at self-defense.

Backstory: President Buhari only recently signed the executive order to revoke firearm licenses which is expected to take effect from June 1, 2019. Nigerians online have had varying responses to the order.

  • The motion in the House was sponsored by Nnenna Ukeje (Abia State).
  • Ukeje said even though there is need for gun control, an executive order withdrawing legal guns would mean “only illegal guns will be in circulation and only criminals will own guns.”
  • “One would have thought that government position will be to domesticate international conventions that have proven around the world to be effective in curbing proliferation small arms and light weapons,” she said.
  • Simon Arabo from Kaduna state argued that “you cannot use an executive order to override a lawfully acquired weapon.”
  • Mojeed Alabi from Osun state was however in support of taking gun licenses away, on the grounds that the Nigerian Police Force “has no clear criteria for issuing a gun license.”

After a round of discussions on the issue, the House voted in favor of rescinding the order.

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