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Lagos Gov. Sanwo-Olu signs first executive order – and it is important

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Lagos Gov. Sanwo-Olu signs first executive order – and it is important

Some of the reasons why Lagos is considered one of the worst cities in the world to live in include the terrible traffic situation, bad roads and unsanitary environment. Those are the issues the new governor of the state, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has set out to tackle with his first executive order signed just 24 hours after inauguration.

  • The governor declared a state of emergency on environmental sanitation and traffic management matters in the state

“I think we have to make some points about issues that happen around transportation, potholes on our roads, blockages and rest of it, I think its something we need to tackle immediately,” the governor said during the signing ceremony. “Lagosians are not going to wait for us any longer to maintain orderliness on our roads hence.”

Some of the governor’s directives include:

  • That the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) should operate a minimum of two shifts by managing traffic until 11:00pm daily. “We want to ensure that we control traffic until everybody gets home safely,” he said.
  • That the Office of Drainage Services in the Ministry of the Environment should commence aggressive cleaning of all secondary and tertiary drainage systems across the State to ensure the free flow of rainwater during the rainy season.
  • That the Lagos State Public Works Corporation should commence patching and rehabilitation of bad roads.

Quote: “As from the date of this order, there shall be zero tolerance for environmental abuse, including illegal and indiscriminate dumping of refuse, construction on drainage points and setbacks,” he said.

Why it matters: The issues the governor is setting out to tackle with this order were some of his top campaign issues. Any governor able to conclusively solve those problems would definitely win the heart of Lagosians. Just over a week ago, the governor promised to solve the Apapa trailer issue “in the first 60 days” of his government.

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