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Bauchi has two House of Assembly Speakers – how it happened


Bauchi has two House of Assembly Speakers – how it happened

In Bauchi state, two different factions of the state’s House of Assembly have elected their separate principal officers.

What you need to know: Bauchi state has 31 members in its House of Assembly. 22 members, forming the majority, belong to the opposition All Progressives Congress. Bauchi state Governor Bala Mohammed is of the Peoples Democratic Party but his party has just 8 members while the New Nigeria’s Peoples Party has a lone member.

What happened?

  • One of the factions with 11 persons present (8 members of the PDP and 2 APC members) elected Abubakar Suleiman of the APC as the speaker of the house in the Assembly complex and Danlami Kawule of the PDP as deputy. Suleiman’s inauguration was supervised by the Assembly Clerk.
  • The second faction with 18 members (all APC) were locked outside the Assembly complex during the election of the Suleiman faction. The 18 members elected Shehu Damina, the speaker in the previous government as the Assembly speaker.

The confusion: The faction with less members elected their Speaker under the watch of the clerk and bear the Mace – the symbol of authority while the majority faction with more members do not have access to this instrument. It’s going to be a tough ride and we all look forward to seeing how an 11 person minority will effectively run the House of Assembly in the face of an opposing minority. 

Bottomline: Governor Bala Mohammed like his counterparts desire to have a firm grip over the state Assembly. However, resorting to illegality is the same desperate and anti-democratic measure he had in times past denounced. It is a similar scenario in Edo state where 9 lawmakers loyal to the state governor, Godwin Obaseki, elected a speaker with the participation of the clerk.

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