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Buhari: “It is not an easy job to sell my administration’s successes”


Buhari: “It is not an easy job to sell my administration’s successes”

Speaking to some of his supporters on Tuesday, President Muhammadu Buhari said spreading information about the achievements of his administration is a tough task because of vested interests the government is taking on.

Speaking to members of the Buhari Media Organisation (BMO) led by one of his spokespersons, Garba Shehu, the president said: “It is not an easy job to sell this administration’s successes: we are doing unpopular things in the face of powerful individuals and taking on vested interests who are accustomed to the corrupt old order.”

  • He however said he would not stop taking on these powerful interests because “we must do things the right way; if we promised change, then we must deliver it, regardless of whose interest we touch. There must be a manifest departure from the old order.”

The president is pushing a narrative championed by his side in the buildup to the last general elections, that the government has made unprecedented gains but Nigerians are not hearing enough of the successes.

Buhari also said he is committed to delivering the three main promises he made in 2015: tackling insecurity, unemployment and the economy. “When we leave, Nigeria will be a far better place than when we came,’’ he said.

One extra thing: Garba Shehu, the coordinator of the group said that the group which was set up before the 2015 elections and has remained throughout the President’s first term, “will outlive the second term.” Question: If it is a Buhari Media Organisation and it outlives his second term, what would it be propagating at that time?

  • Shehu said the survival of the group is thanks to “some good spirited Nigerians.” Unfortunately in Nigeria, there’s no way of seeing the books of the organisation to tell who these Nigerians are, and how much has gone into this outside political group.

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