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Quick take: 5 shocking political events in Nigeria this week

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Quick take: 5 shocking political events in Nigeria this week

  • Ajimobi’s indiscretion with his “discretionary powers”

We learnt that former Oyo State Governor Abiola Ajimobi indiscriminately used his “discretionary powers” to award state assets to himself as part of his exit package. A breakdown of the package includes Sport Utility Vehicles (Toyota, Lexus, Nissan) and pickup trucks. The Governor was joined by his wife, deputy and the secretary to the government in cornering these fleet of automobiles.

Go deeper: How Ajimobi awarded self, wife, others N1bn worth of state’s cars using ‘discretionary powers

  • Professor Sagay’s alibi for withdrawal of corruption case against Danjuma Goje

We observed the ambivalence of professor of law and head of President Buhari’s anti-corruption advisory committee, Its Sagay on the issue of the strange withdrawal of a corruption case against former Gombe state governor, Senator Danjuma Goje. We earlier reported the curious turn in his case based on some scoops that it might have been part of a negotiation with the presidency that saw Goje withdraw his ambition to be senate president in favor of Ahmed Lawan – the party’s endorsed candidate. Sagay said: “there may be a justifiable reason which I don’t know yet. So, I’m not going to condemn (the Federal Government) yet without enough knowledge of the circumstances.” Considering that Sagay usually needs little invitation to form judgement and run off his mouth, his response is out of character.

Read what Professor Sagay said about the case here

  • The show of shame during Senator Elisha Abbo’s disciplinary committee hearing

The show of shame between woman beating Senator Elisha Abbo and Senator Remi Tinubu remains undefeated. The event was the supposed disciplinary committee hearing for Senator Abbo who was caught on video assaulting a woman at a ‘sex toy’ shop in Abuja. Abbo is a disgrace and Nigerians are watching how the authorities treat his assault case.

But something else that made us cringe was hearing Senator Tinubu, a member of the disciplinary committee utter these words: “Do you want us to protect you? Or do you want us to defend you? Or do you want to be on your own?” A man is before her committee on grievous charges and her question to him is if he wants protection and defense from them! Shocking and shameful.

In his response, the woman-beater Senator in a threatening manner pointed fingers at Senator Tinubu, repeatedly interrupting and warning her not to threaten him with suspension. He claims that  he is a Senator just like her. Well, the both have other things in common beyond being senators. Who else remembers Senator Tinubu physically assaulting someone at the Senate chambers a while ago?

  • Governor El-Rufai’s ethnic superiority complex in full glare

Many Nigerians missed a key statement from Kaduna’s Governor Nasir El-rufai’s speech at the Northern Youth Summit. El-Rufai lamented that the North was more backward in terms of human development indicators (HDI) and he wants that to change.  However, the same El-Rufai wants Northern Nigeria to maintain its “demographic superiority” (he must be talking about population here). He described it as  “a very powerful tool to negotiate in politics.” Interestingly, El-Rufai does not see uncontrolled population growth as one of the factors of the low HDI that he is wailing about. For him, it is all about politics.

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Let’s not forget some other ethnically charged comments he made during this speech:

-“The richest businessman in Nigeria is still Aliko Dangote, not someone from Southern Nigeria, thank God for that”

-“You hardly can find someone from northern Nigeria convicted of 419 or being a Yahoo boy. That is something we should be proud of.”

  • The Kaduna commissioner nominee rejected over a Facebook post 

Aliyu Jaafaru Abubakar, was nominated as a commissioner in Kaduna state by Governor El-Rufai but he has been rejected by the State House of Assembly. The reason for the overwhelming rejection of Mr. Abubakar by the lawmakers was his past criticism of Governor El-Rufai – specifically, they pointed out a 2017 Facebook post by the nominee. 

One ‘Honorable Member’ was quoted during the screening exercise as saying: “Jaafaru has been a critic of this administration on social media. Why did he want to work with the governor?” 

Are the Kaduna state lawmakers saying that only people who worship government should hold power? Such small thinkers!

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