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Ambode’s lawyers allegation can do great damage to EFCC’s credibility – the bottomline

Ambode's under investigation


Ambode’s lawyers allegation can do great damage to EFCC’s credibility – the bottomline

Some lawyers on Tuesday accused the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) of attempting to frame Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode in order to charge him with corruption. The lawyers said they stopped the EFCC from entering his Epe residence with some amount of money in foreign currencies which they attempted to plant in his house in a bid to indict him.

Ambode’s lawyers said: “..We searched all the officials of the EFCC who intended to go in to effect the search. There was a blue bag which they were holding with them, we requested to see the content of the bag before they could take it in. They got angry and said we cannot see the content. Having said that, we strongly resisted them to take it in since they can’t allow us to see it, which they later agreed. We later got to know that the bag contained foreign currency which they brought to plant in the house of the Ex-Governor to incriminate him.”

The EFCC has strongly denied the allegations in a statement where it said that hoodlums “attacked and prevented [the operatives] from executing the search warrant.” According to the statement from the agency, three of their operatives were injured and vehicle destroyed in the process.

Background: We earlier reported moves by the EFCC to investigate Ambode, following the discovery of transactions worth about N9.93 billion belonging to the Lagos state government, in a special account run by the Permanent Secretary at the office of the Chief of Staff to the Governor. 

  • The EFCC is yet to invite Mr. Ambode for questioning. Per a statement by his spokesperson: “The former Governor [Ambode] reiterates that the EFCC has till date not had any direct communication with him on any subject matter whatsoever and if or when it occurs he is ready and willing to respond.”

Bottomline: If the narrative provided by Ambode’s lawyers is true, then the EFCC would lose credibility among the citizens. Now that we will never know what transpired, the onus is now on the anti-corruption agency to show us that it can be trusted with its methods.

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