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We rock politics.

Many of English language’s greatest words begin with a ‘P’: people, power, politics, policies, polity, public affairs, paycheck… (you get the idea.) We’re not making any claims to greatness here, but those P’s represent exactly what The Scoop is all about.

With so many jerks-of-all-trades strutting about, it’s time someone stayed solely on this beat just for you. As they say, politics is too important a matter to be lumped together with other matters (ok, we might have made that up.)

What we are saying is that if you’re interested in brain-stimulating opinions, incisive commentaries, strategic insights and ‘analysis of life,’ we promise to bring you all that plus some extra. We’ll sift through the chatter and the clutter and bring you the relevant. We’ll inform, stir, provoke, educate, excite and entertain you. We’ll even annoy you sometimes. All we ask in return is a tiny sliver of your time… and maybe some advertising nairas.

Not bad, right?

And if you ain’t interested in any of the above, how about just sticking around to know enough to win the bragging rights at the bar? See us as the ATM for your P-currency.

The Scoop is privately owned and not affiliated to any other media group.

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